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CÓMICS DE CIENCIA. Colección. 2ª Parte.


Continúo enseñándote los títulos que incluye la colección CÓMICS DE CIENCIA (SCIENCE COMICS). En este post reuní todas los temas que no son sobre seres vivos: rocas, clima, sistema solar, volcanes…

Están todos en inglés (¡ojalá pronto traduzcan alguno más!) y, al igual que los anteriores, están publicados por First Second, en tapa blanda y con 128 páginas. La edad, nuevamente, a partir de 7 años, pero ya sabes que esto es muy relativo.


ROCKS AND MINERALS. Geology from Caverns to the Cosmos

Autoría: Andy Hirsch.

«In this volume, join a crystal-crazy fanboy and a famous rock hunter on a geological journey that will take them to the summit of a volcano, deep within the earth, and even into outer space! They’ll learn about the unstoppable forces that shape our planet and they might even pick up a gemstone or meteorite along the way.»


WILD WEATHER. Storms, Meteorology, and Climate

Autoría: MK Reed y Jonathan Hill.

«Furious floods, looming landslides, terrifying tornadoes, ferocious forest fires! Is Mother Nature trying to tell us something? As “snowpocalypse” descends once again, one temperamental weatherman is determined to set the record straight on the myths and misconceptions surrounding the elements. What is the difference between weather and climate? How do weather satellites predict the future? Can someone outrun a tornado? Does the rotation of the Earth affect wind currents? And does meteorology have anything to do with meteors?»


SOLAR SYSTEM. Our Place in Space

Autoría: Rosemary Mosco y Jon Chad.

«In this volume, go where no kid has gone before! You’ll get up close and personal with Earth’s nearest neighbours – Venus with its acid rain storms, Saturn and its rings of ice, and the heart of it all, the Sun. Join Sara, Jill, and their space-faring pets on a quest to learn more about the wonders of our solar system – and beyond!»


ROCKETS. Defying Gravity

Autoría: Anne Drozd.

«In Rockets we explore the 2,000 years that rockets have been in existence. We dive into Newton’s Laws of Motion―learning all about gravity, force, acceleration, and the history of rockets made in the past and rockets to be made in the future!»


ROBOTS AND DRONES. Past, Present, and Future

Autoría: Mairghread Scott.

«This volume: In Robots & Drones, a mechanical dove named Pouli introduces a wide array of robots of various capacities. He covers one of the oldest robots, the coin-powered water fountain; everyday essentials like the coffee maker and the car; and even modern-day weapons of war. Pouli is out to remind us that there are robots everywhere around us.»


CARS.  Engines That Move You

Autoría: Dan Zettwoch.

«In this volume, you’ll learn where cars came from and how they work. When you pop the hood, what are you looking at? How does gasoline – or electric batteries, or even steam – make a car move? Rev up your motor and take look at the combustible history of the automobile and its explosive effects on our modern lives.»


FLYING MACHINES. How the Wright Brothers Soared

Autoría: Alison Wilgus

«This volume: In FLYING MACHINES we follow the famous aviators from their bicycle shop in Dayton, Ohio, to the fields of North Carolina where they planned to make their famous flights. Thanks to their carefully recorded experiments and a healthy dash of bravery, the Wright Brothers’ flying machines took off, blazing a trail for the airplanes, jets, and helicopters that would follow.»


VOLCANOES. Fire and Life

Autoría: Jon Chad.

«This volume: in Volcanoes, we explore these exciting and explosive vents in the earth’s surface. Along the way, readers will learn about lava, tectonic plates, islands and other landmasses generated by volcanoes, famous volcanoes, and famous eruptions. Jon Chad’s detailed and quirky storytelling style, as found in the Leo Geo series of books, is perfectly suited to bring volcanoes to life.»


SKYSCRAPERS. The Heights of Engineering

Autoría: John Kerschbaum.

«In this volume, join a pair of superheroes as they uncover the secrets of skyscrapers, from the great Egyptians pyramids to the world’s tallest building. Read along and learn how skyscrapers are a bold combination of applied physics, ingenuity, and a lot of hard work!»


Enlaces de compra

Si ha gustado algún título de esta colección y quieres comprarlo, te dejo este listado de enlaces de compra en AMAZON, sin coste adicional para ti, y con el que recibimos una pequeña comisión que nos permite mantener este blog y seguir descubriendo recursos tan interesantes.

Recuerda que tienes la primera parte de este post en este enlace.


¡Muchas gracias por leernos!

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